Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving! Here’s a few tips to celebrate and Thank the Earth:
1) Avoid Single-Use utensils, cups, and plates. These items are not recyclable.
2) If you need more casserole dishes or serving ware, check out your local thrift store! Items don’t need to match to look great- Look at the picture to see how good mismatched items can look!
3) Rinse any single use aluminum casserole dishes BEFORE you recycle.
4) Use reusable napkins or paper towels. Check out the picture to see how elevated this can look! Single use paper towels and napkins aren’t recyclable.
5) Only make what your family can eat!! Freeze leftovers to prevent them from going bad, and avoid over-cooking.
6) Choose more sustainable brands when picking what food items you would like to serve. Focus on the footprint each item leaves BEFORE it gets to your table.
7) Prioritize family time and electricity usage by playing games after dinner! Instead of curling up to watch TV, pull out everyone’s favorite board game from the game closet.
8) COMPOST, COMPOST, COMPOST! Compost all goods you’re able to. If composting isn’t available, my favorite thing to do with vegetable scraps is to freeze them for later. When you have enough, you can use them to make your own veggie broth!
9) Store food correctly. Cutting down on food waste can be as intensive as composting or as easy as tightly sealing items before placing them in the fridge.
10) Prioritize Togetherness: Host a Friends-giving and have all your neighbors come over to eat together.