Black Friday

Did you know that US waste increases by 25% after Black Friday sales? The majority of this waste comes from packaging, with many being unrecyclable or recycled incorrectly. Let’s make this Black Friday a Green Friday by focusing on sustainable choices.
1) Choose items packaged in recyclable packaging. Look for glass, plastics, paper or metals instead of thin plastics or cloth.
2) ALWAYS PRIORITIZE SECONDHAND! Buying goods secondhand prevents items from entering a landfill and doesn’t create more waste in production.
3) Ask yourself if this is an item you really need. Would you buy this if it wasn’t on sale?
4) Avoid impulse shopping. If you’re shopping for the holidays, make sure to ask family and friends what they would like instead of assuming they will like something
5) Visit our YouTube and Social media to learn how to recycle correctly and to learn what to do with unrecyclable materials.