Recycling Activities for All Ages

School’s out for summer! Let’s make this summer green by including the whole family! Here’s some recommendations for all ages to get involved in recycling this break:
Ages 0-8
– Color this printable coloring book recycling flyer and keep it by your recycling bin!
– Practice sorting goods, rinsing out containers, and placing items in the bin
– Book Recommendation: The Life of a Little Plastic Bottle 
Ages 8-12
– Take your recycling to a drop off location or place your bin at the curb together
– Get involved in local recycling groups and events
– Media Recommendation: Sid the Science Kid: Recycling! 
Ages 13 and up
– Perform a recycling audit together: Learn how by clicking here
– Get involved in your school’s recycling crew
– Book Recommendation: The Story of Stuff 
– Visit our website, social media, and YouTube channel to learn more about recycling!