Real or Fake Christmas Trees?

Real or Fake trees: Let’s talk about it! Both real and fake Christmas trees CANNOT be recycled and have intensive environmental footprints before you decorate them. Fake trees require plastics, metals, electricity, and water to create. Once used, they cannot be recycled, and will stay in the landfill for a very long time as they break down.

Real trees, on the other hand, are biodegradable. They’re grown in tree farms and can help the ecosystem, but require chemicals, large plots of land, and lots of water to grow. So, which one’s better?

This topic is highly debated and has no black or white answer.

Here’s a great solution! Use what you already have available. If you have an artificial tree already, use it until it breaks. If you have a real tree, compost it. No matter what, DO NOT RECYCLE these trees. Once you’re ready for your new tree, look secondhand. This will prevent them from going to a landfill. Stay Evergreen this holiday season, and keep recycling!