Where do Recyclables Go?

Where do recyclables go, and what are they used for? Learn more below!
• WWRA’s Paper and Cardboard are shipped to Graphic Packaging in Kalamazoo where the cardboard is turned into Kellogg’s cereal, Barilla pasta, Milwaukee brewing company, Kleenex and Meijer’s boxes
• Our plastics are either shipped to Clean Tech in Dundee, Mel Tech Plastic Corporation in Canada, or Recycling Revolution in Boca Raton Florida, depending on their type. Most are turned into pellets that are used to make new bottles, clothing, or turned back into plastic bins and totes.
• The metal that the WWRA processes is baled and shipped to local scrap yards for scrap-management programs throughout the United States and eastern Canada.
• WWRA’s glass is shipped to Strategic Material in Chicago IL. It is turned into fiberglass insulation, Highway bead, Sandblasting material and some into glass bottles.